Brazil elects Bolsonaro president of the republic

 Jair Messias Bolsonaro, of the PSL, was elected president of the Republic on Sunday (28) by defeating in the second round the peter Fernando Haddad, interrupting a cycle of PT victories that had been coming since 2002.
 Bolsonaro reached 55,205,640 votes (55.54% of the valid votes) and could no longer be surpassed by Haddad, who at that moment amounted to 44,193,523 (44 , 46%).
See the result of the calculation: in the total of the country; by city; by state; by electoral zone
 At age 63, retired army captain, a federal deputy since 1991 and owner of an extensive list of controversial statements, Jair Bolsonaro materialized in votes the support he cultivated and expanded from social networks and travels through Brazil to obtain the presidency from 2019 to 2022.
 In the campaign, through social networks and the application of WhatsApp messages, bet on a conservative speech in customs, with a liberal wave in the economy, hardliners in the fight against corruption and urban violence and opponent of the PT and the left.
 As a result, it became an electoral phenomenon by winning the presidential race affiliated with a legendar without formal alliances with large parties, with little time in the electoral propaganda of radio and TV and away from the streets in the greater part of the campaign, reason of the attempt in which suffered a stab that pierced his abdomen.
 After four consecutive victories of the PT in presidential elections (2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014), the new president-elect presents himself as a right-wing politician.
 Victor, the first time he ran for president, will succeed Michel Temer (MDB), Dilma Rousseff (PT) deputy who took office in 2016 due to the impeachment of the PT.

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