Brazilian army receives 96 US armor

 The Armed Forces received this week donation of 96 used armor from the United States Army. They will be modernized and used in national defense. According to the Ministry of Defense, they "reinforce the firepower and ground combat of the Army".
 In all, 56 M109 self-propelled howitzers, version A5, and 40 armored M992 "remotes", according to the Army. The guns are not tanks, but rather a type of artillery cannon that can fire ballistic projectiles at a distance of over 20 km. They move through mats and do not need to be towed by other vehicles.
The "shippers" are armored personnel carriers carrying the ammunition used by the howitzers on the battlefield.
 The M109 is one of the most used types of obuseiro by the western armies. They are being gradually replaced by more modern versions by the powers. The A5 units are being donated to the Army in the form of military cooperation.
 Brazil also often donates used military equipment to neighboring nations that have fewer resources.
A next wave of US-donated armor should arrive in Brazil early next year, according to the Army website. There will be 32 M109 A5 Plus snags.
 The armor used will undergo a process of modernization and adaptation to the standards of the Brazilian Army. They will receive electronic aiming and shooting computer, inertial navigation, GPS, among other improvements.

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