China Denies Interest in US Elections and Commercial War

 China denied on Tuesday (9) that it has an interest in the United States midterm elections, the domestic affairs of that country, and even less in maintaining a trade war because it will not benefit either party.
 Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang has reaffirmed to reporters that the government bases its policy on the principle of non-interference in domestic affairs and therefore the recent accusations by Washington are meaningless.
 He also denied the accusations against Beijing of seeking revenge on the US for the steady increase in taxes on its imports.
 "The facts speak, the United States has started a trade dispute and China has been forced to take countermeasures. We have repeated on many occasions that in this war there will be no winners, "he emphasized.
 At that point, Lu countered and labeled the statements of the US Treasury Department as irresponsible regarding the depreciation of the yuan - the national currency - as a tool of attack in the dispute.
 The price of the yuan fell on Tuesday to its lowest level of the year against the US dollar, with the parity rate of 6.9019 per dollar.
 However, the central bank said several months ago that China will not resort to the competitive devaluation of the yuan as an alternative response to the trade war between the first and second powers of the planet.
 He indicated that the country has the capacity, experience and tools to keep the quotation at a reasonable level.
 In addition to bilateral damages, the Washington-Beijing trade dispute harms the global economy with a slump in growth forecast.

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