Duda Castro, ex-wife of Biel, is arrested in the United States

 Duda Castro, a former wife of singer Biel, was arrested on Tuesday (2) at the Los Angeles airport in the United States, after season in Brazil. The model's advice confirmed the information.
 "She was spending the season in Brazil and the day before yesterday she was in São Paulo. There he embarked for Los Angeles because he had an audience today, still in Gabriel's case. When she arrived at Los Angeles airport yesterday, she was detained, "the model's advisor explained.
 Duda and Biel split earlier this year, accusations of assault.
 Asked if the arrest would have been because of the aggression against model Natalie Kailey, the advisory explained:
 "They are trying to solve it in the best possible way, because she was arbitrarily arrested. You can only be arrested when there is an ongoing process. In this story of Natalie's aggression, there was research, but there is no such process yet. So her mother is trying to find out why she got arrested. "
 In September, model Natalie Kailey accused Duda Castro of having broken a bottle in her face in a nightclub.
 "I felt like there was water spouting through my face, but it was all blood. This has resulted in a lot of spots on my face and a fracture in my eye socket, "Natalie reported from Instagram. Shortly after the incident, Natalie received the support of Biel.
 "I really do not know Dudley very well, but what I do know is that she also assaulted her ex-husband, Biel, with a glass in his face and he has permanent scars because of this attack," he followed the model, recalling the case of model and the singer.

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