GOL inaugurates direct flights from Brazil to the United States

 Gol Linhas Aéreas will begin direct flights from Brazil to the United States on November 4 to Miami and Orlando. The company said in a statement that it sees "significant opportunities for action and growth" in new destinations.
 Flights to Florida will have four daily departures, departing from Brasília and Fortaleza airports. These Brazilian cities were chosen because of the location and opportunity of connections with the other domestic destinations served by the company.
 The partnership between Gol and Delta Airlines will allow the connection of the new flights to eight cities served by the American airline: Atlanta, Salt Lake, Cincinnati, New York LaGuardia, Detroit, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Minneapolis.
 The routes will be carried out in Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. With capacity for up to 186 passengers, these areonaves have autonomy for 6,704 kilometers, compared to the 5,704 kilometers of the 737-800 models, currently used by Gol.
 The distances between Fortaleza and Brasília to Miami and Orlando oscillate between 5,560 kilometers and 6,107 kilometers. If the starting point is São Paulo, these two American cities are at least 6,568 kilometers. This explains Gol's option to leave Brasilia and Fortaleza instead of taking off from São Paulo.

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