Times of Mexico and United States can play to Libertadores from 2020

 South American football gained a new twist on Monday night. The Libertadores can gain the presence of the Mexican and American teams from 2020, according to ESPN of the United States.
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 According to information from journalist Alejandro Etcheverry, Conmebol started the talks and one of the main discussions is about the number of places. It is not yet known if the competition will be swollen or if the South Americans will lose some places.
 Should the negotiation go ahead and everything is settled, the Libertadores will have for the first time the teams of the United States. The Mexicans competed from 1998 until 2016, but because of Conmebol's new schedule, in which they stretched the competition, they preferred to leave the tournament.
 Despite goodwill from all sides, if Mexicans or Americans win the Libertadores, they should not represent South America in the Club World Cup. The spot would be with the best South American.

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