US Press Comparison Bolsonaro to Trump

 The United States press has dedicated today (6) to the analysis of the Brazilian political moment on the eve of the presidential election. Major print and online newspaper and newspaper editions highlight Jair Bolsonaro's (PSL) candidacy for the Presidency, according to polls and compare him to US President Donald Trump.
 According to The New York Times, Bolsonaro's almost "disappearance of the political landscape only increased his leadership." The newspaper compares Bolsonaro's campaign, which suffered an attack on September 6, underwent two surgeries and was hospitalized for three weeks, Trump's formula for victory in 2016, as well as the trajectory of populist leaders from other countries.
 The headline says that "Extreme Right Candidate Jair Bolsonaro widens leadership in Brazil's presidential race." In the report, the newspaper reports that, as the "last attempt," the 13 presidential candidates campaigned for the country in debates and rallies.
 In yesterday's issue, The Washington Post featured Bolsonaro as a "version of Trump," because of his "far right stances." He also pointed out that the candidate's campaign is based on "attacks on the traditional press and the creation of 'alternative facts' "on the internet.
 The ABC News network dedicated a special report, broadcast yesterday, to Bolsonaro. According to the report, in the presidential elections, the "Trump candidate obtains a vote among women" and contextualized with favorable and contrary matters. According to the network, the candidate is "often compared" to Trump "for sexist comments he has made over the years."
 The network also compares Bolsonaro to Trump in the broad use of social networks by the PSL candidate. Like Trump, Bolsonaro uses networks frequently to post messages and videos.

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