Did you know that the figure of the heart represents a sexual position?

 It is not today that the heart is associated with the deepest human emotions, in fact, this concept is quite old. There are reports that prove that Aristotle already referred to the organ as the center of the emotional activities of the human body. Pretty, right? From there to the representation of love, it was a jump.
 Speaking in other cultures, the Egyptians believed that the heart was a part of the body in which our spirit and intellect resided. It was the only organ not removed from the corpses in mummification processes. Already the Greeks used the same symbolism to speak of regeneration - when the subject was the most carnal love, the representation was made by the god Eros.
 In reality the human heart has nothing to do with the figure we know, this popular heart shape depicts the figure of a butt, in a well-known sexual position where the woman is four.
 The subliminal message represented, would have been created thousands of years ago, humanity uses hundreds of subliminal figures daily without having the notion of what they really are.
By: Brazilian Journalist Juliano Góis

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