First immigrants of caravans from Central America arrive at border with US

 Immigrants made the last leg of a trip that started in Honduras a month ago by bus. US Secretary of Defense went to the border of the country with Mexico to monitor the work of the troops.
The caravan of immigrants from Central America began arriving on Wednesday (14), the border of the United States.
 They were the first to reach the border between Mexico and the United States. They took the last leg of a trip that started in Honduras a month ago by bus.
 Among the 350 migrants, at least 80 identify themselves as gay or transgender. They were part of another caravan, but decided to go their own way after being discriminated against by other immigrants.
 All took to the road to escape the violence in their countries of origin.
"What I can say to President Donald Trump is that this country does not belong to him, and we all have the right to try life in a place that guarantees security and respect for our rights," said one migrant.
 Some men have climbed the fence that divides the two countries and that advances by the sea, on the west coast. Policing at the border was strengthened.
 US Secretary of Defense James Mattis left the Pentagon in Washington and went to the area that divides the United States from Mexico to accompany the work of the troops. It is his first visit since President Trump ordered the deployment of about 7,000 troops to the border.

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