Marijuana, Abortion, and Minimum Wages in American Ballot Polls

 In addition to electing their deputies, senators, governors and local representatives, the Americans also decide on Tuesday (6) about a series of state plebiscites. There are 155 proposals in 37 states across the country.
 Among the topics of major referendums are legalization of marijuana for medical or recreational use, increase of the minimum wage, abortion laws and electoral politics. Another 12 initiatives have already been voted on in eight states before the general election.
 In Colorado alone, 13 proposals will be put to the vote. In Florida, in addition to elective positions, Americans will have to answer 12 questions, and California 11.
 Each American state, or county in some cases, conducts elections according to local laws. Some use electronic ballot boxes, while others prefer to rely on paper ballots. Methods of counting votes also differ.

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