Record number of women elected in the United States

 WASHINGTON - United States legislative elections have brought a record number of women elected to the country's government posts. According to results released on Wednesday, at least 118 women were elected. Among them, 42 are black and three are LGBTQ.
 With the poll still under way on Wednesday, it is known that women have so far won 98 of the 435 seats in the House, more than the 84 they held before yesterday's election. In the Senate, at least 12 women won, bringing their number in the House to 22, according to Rutgers University's Center for  Women and Politics. For governor positions, they won in nine states (before they were six).
 According to ABC News, the suit was also historic for the first-time female candidates - some were able to win seats from Republican hands and helped Democrats retake a majority in the House. The victory of women still increased diversity in the American Legislature, with the first Muslim and indigenous representatives.
 The US network CNN, which has estimated at least 96 women to win the House, projects that about a third of this number is expected to hold first-time contenders. ABC News points out that 101 candidates are expected to be elected - 86 Democrats and 15 Republicans. Until this Tuesday, the level of female representation in the US was lower than that of all European nations and lower than in many Latin countries (including Mexico) and Muslims (such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates).

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