US: with nearby caravan of migrants, Trump threatens to close access

 Thousands of migrants from Central America are concentrated around the Tijuana border between Mexico and the United States. President-driven security measures Donald Trump keeps long lines on the Mexican side of the border, Many were trying to cross to celebrate Thanksgiving, which happened last Thursday (22).
 During the US holiday, Trump threatened to close access to the country indefinitely, if the situation "became unmanageable."
Trump authorized use of lethal force
 The president shifted thousands of troops to the border and earlier this week gave James Mattis, the US Secretary of Defense, expanded powers to use military service to protect foreign exchange. On Thursday, Trump confirmed that he authorized the use of lethal force against migrants and refugees 'if necessary', even though, to date, there have been no signs of physical violence against United States authorities.
 Also on Thanksgiving, he reinforced the threat of closing the boundaries with Mexico altogether, indefinitely: "If we see that it is uncontrollable," Trump said, "we will close the gateway for a period of time, until we can regain control. The whole frontier. Mexico will not be able to sell its automobiles to the United States. 

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