Bomb threats were received this Thursday (13) by various locations in the United States, including universities, newspapers and TV stations and police stations, but no risk was detected.
 The FBI issued a statement saying it was aware of the case, and contacted local officials. "As always, we encourage the public to remain vigilant and immediately report suspicious activity that could pose a threat to public safety," the statement said.
 Police in Oklahoma and Massachusetts have posted on Twitter messages stating they are following up on the allegations, but no real danger has been established.
 Capital University, Ohio, has even been evacuated, but has released a post saying that activities have resumed.
 A court was also emptied in Cobby County, Atlanta, Georgia, and threats were reported at the police headquarters and two police stations.
 Only in Oklahoma City were 13 threats in different locations. CNN also mentions threatening messages received at locations in San Francisco, the University of Washington in Seattle, and Penn State University in Pennsylvania.
 The Chicago Police Department has received between 15 and 20 alerts in the last hours, according to the station. Newspapers and TV stations in New York and North Carolina were other targets. In Boston, the Boston Opera House received an email with threats.
 It is not yet known if the threats, mostly received by email, are connected or where they left.

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