The police in Salt Lake City, United States, arrested on Saturday (14) a Disney actor accused of making a date to have sex with a minor. Stoney Westmoreland, 48, plays the grandfather of the protagonist of the Disney Channel children's series "Andi Mack."
 Westmoreland was caught red-handed in an ambush by police. The police officers passed by a person under 13 years old - the authorities did not say whether the false profile was of a boy or a girl.
 At the Washington Post, Detective Greg Wilking said the actor knew that he was a minor and sent some intimate photos to his profile. He would also have asked the false young man to do the same.
 Disney and Pixar cheerleader moves away from allegations of sexual harassment
 The local court arbitrated the actor for $ 30,000 - equivalent to about R $ 117,000. Westmoreland will be responsible for five counts: one for seduction of minors over the internet, and four for delivering harmful material to one or a minor.
Dismissed from Disney
 In addition to facing justice, the actor lost his job on the Disney Channel, the cartoon and series channel of the American entertainment giant. Company spokeswoman Patti McTeague reported the resignation to the US media:
 "Given the nature of the accusations and our responsibility for the well-being of the young employees [on the Disney Channel], we are relieving him of his current role, and he will not return to work on the [Andi Mack] series, next week, "McTeague said.

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