Chat on whatsapp are communication habits that many people cultivate in their day to day lives. But in addition to stimulating the exchange of information, these virtual channels have facilitated the occurrence of cases of betrayal between couples, as they can happen in daylight and do not need an alibi. According to the psychologist Alexandre Bez, who specialized in marital relationships, after 1990, with the popularization of the Internet, there was an increase in the number of betrayals, both men and women.
 Currently, 70% of the couples served by Alexandre Bez live a distance in the relationship, motivated by physical, emotional or sexual accommodation. According to him, men betray more because of the feeling of power and adrenaline. Already the women out of anger and revenge.
 According to the psychologist, betrayal on the internet is configured when the mind gives signs of interest to the other person and begins to plan what to do to please and conquer it, which already characterizes emotional involvement.
 A seemingly harmless situation can conceal a betrayal. For example, a couple who are resting at home at night, the woman watching TV in bed and her husband, next door, interacting with another person in whatsapp.
  "People do not necessarily have to consummate the sexual act," he says, "not to share the rules of loyalty with the partner any more, it can already be seen as betrayal. So if you intend to be involved with a person who is miles away and with whom you talk only in the chat rooms, you can already set up an act of infidelity.
 Betrayal for the human being is very complex, can have family causes, professionals, happen between friends or between spouses, the latter being the most painful among all. "When we are born, the family surrounds us with love, we never have to conquer it. Marital betrayal has a much greater weight, the other person may stop loving us, so the pain is more intense," explains the specialist.
Factors that lead to treason
 There are several factors that can lead to infidelity. The solitude to two, experienced nowadays by hundreds of couples, is more common than one imagines. Often, the routine faced by both leads to lack of dialogue and networking. "Physical, emotional or sexual accommodation can happen over the years, and it's a fact that about 70 percent of couples live that distancing in the relationship," says Bez.
 The expert says that affective deprivation, emotional instability, the illusion of a new relationship, when the current one is worn out and the lack of feeling towards the other, can lead men and women to infidelity.
 According to psychologist, women betray more by revenge and anger, when they do not feel reciprocated, or when they have some deficiency of character (egocentric). Or even to recognize themselves as desired women.
 Men betray more than their partners and this is due to the macho creation, the feeling of power, immaturity and adrenaline released by the sensation of danger. "The man is immature until he is about 33. Before that age, he has the stage of" compulsory betrayal "until he has experienced everything.Unlike the" bastard "man who takes pleasure in betraying, needs and likes to be with several women, the immature man repents and betrays again to really love a single woman, "says Bez.
What is the solution to relationship x internet?
 The internet is a tool that has the function of helping and facilitating the life of human beings. It should be used with responsibility and limit. The exchange of passwords between the couple does not facilitate the relationship, nor does it lessen suspicions. The relationship is based on trust and privacy, so knowing the partner's password is not a good solution.
 There is no way to prohibit the use of this equipment. Only the person himself has to know how to impose limits. In addition to being a fanciful situation, virtual life can cause dependency and in extreme cases develop a compulsive / obsessive and impulsive disease.

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