Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Washington this Friday (18) to participate in the March for Life - a demonstration against the legalization of abortion. US President Donald Trump sent a video message to the marchers.
 "When we look into the eyes of a newborn child, we see the beauty, the human soul and the great soul of God's creation. We know that all life makes sense," Trump said in a message broadcast on a big screen on the National Esplanade of capital.
 Shortly before, demonstrators applauded the appearance of Pence, who was accompanied by his wife, Karen. The vice president came on stage set up for the protest and said the current American generation will "restore the right to life in the US".
 Following the rally on the National Esplanade, protesters headed toward the Supreme Court to demand that judges extend legal restrictions on abortion access in the country. Some of them even urged that the practice be banned in the United States.
 With Trump coming to power, the anti-abortion movement gained momentum in the country. Activists say the appointment of two justices to the Supreme Court in recent years could have the body review the legalization of abortion, which has been in effect since 1973.
 Despite the conservative majority in the Supreme Court, Republicans lost control of the House of Representatives to Democrats. In this way, the opposition may block possible attempts by the government to restrict access to abortion clinics or funding family planning programs.

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