The National Weather Service (NWS) said some states will experience the colder climate of the last decades.
 According to the NWS, as of this Tuesday (29), the icy winds will generate "dangerous temperatures" in the Midwest of the country.
"Extreme cold"
 The NWS said temperatures are likely to reach a historic low, being the lowest since the 1990s. This should occur in Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and northern Illinois, where there must also be heavy snowfalls.
 "Extreme and dangerous cold predicted for the plains from the north to the Great Lakes, with minimums between -30ºC and -40ºC, and cold bursts of -50ºC," the NWS informed by Twitter.
 The most intense snowstorms are expected in the Great Sides region, causing "dangerous or impossible travel conditions".
 The CNN television reported that this week 75% of the population of the United States will experience temperatures below zero.

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