The United States Supreme Court has authorized Tuesday that President Donald Trump's veto of transgendered military officers will take effect. Supreme Court justices have not examined the merits of the case, but have allowed the veto to enter into force while lower courts work on it, CNN reports.
 The measure had been blocked by the Justice, which considered that it was against the constitutional rights for being discriminatory. In addition, the veto led to the rejection of various social groups and part of the military.
 Trump announced in July 2017 that he intended to prohibit all transgendered persons from working in the military, and later the White House advised against enlisting people who might in the future want to undergo a sex-change operation .
 Finally, in March last year, the Department of Defense introduced legislation stating that people with "a history of gender dysphoria (...) are disqualified from military service except under limited circumstances," but did not recommend the expulsion of members of the armed forces that had already undergone a sex-change operation.

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