Brazil is mobilizing a task force to deliver humanitarian aid to Venezuela along with the United States, the government said on Tuesday.
 Speaking to the press, President Rêgo Barros spokesman General explained that the logistics of the operation, scheduled for next Friday, 23, is still being discussed, with the participation of officials from different ministries.
 "The aid, which includes food and medicines, will be made available in Brazilian territory in Boa Vista, Pacaraima, Roraima state, for the government of President Juan Guaidó to collect Venezuelan trucks driven by Venezuelans," said Rêgo Barros.
 The 23rd day marks the month of Guaido's self-proclamation, the deadline announced by him for the entry of US aid in Venezuela, blocked at the border by President Nicolás Maduro, who sees in the maneuver a pretext and a possible strategy to force a overthrow of his government.
 Amid this impasse, Maduro said last night that Venezuela already receives humanitarian aid frequently and that Russia would be preparing to deliver 300 tons of assistance at Caracas airport next Wednesday.

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