A shootout at a factory in Chicago's suburban Aurora city left at least six people dead on Friday, including the shooter. Other people were injured, including five policemen.
 The gunman was identified as Gary Martin, a 45-year-old man who worked for the plant where the bombing took place. He died in a gunshot exchange with police, officials told a news conference tonight. The identity of the other dead is unknown.
 So far, there is no accurate information on how many people have been injured. Police were taken to hospitals in the area.
Sniper fired 'indiscriminately'
 John Probst, a factory employee Henry Pratt heard by ABC television, said the gunman fired "indiscriminately." The witness added that there were approximately 30 people in the building when the attack began.
 Four policemen then entered the building. Two of them were hit by the shots as soon as they arrived at the factory. Then, when the reinforcements arrived, another exchange of shots left injured.
 Schools in the region closed for security reasons. According to the NBC television network, the police were at the shooter's house to try to find out the reasons for the attack.
 The city of Aurora has about 200,000 inhabitants and is just over 60 miles west of Chicago.
Trump mourns attack
 On Twitter, US President Donald Trump lamented the attack but congratulated the police. "Great work from the authorities in Aurora, Illinois, my deep feelings to all victims and their families, the United States is with you," he wrote.

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