Speaking at a meeting of the Lima Group in Bogota, Colombia, on Monday 25, Vice President Mike Pence announced the imposition of new sanctions against the regime of Nicolas Maduro. In his speech, the American representative also urged other nations in the region to announce punitive measures and gave an ultimatum to the military that refuses to support opposition leader Juan Guaidó.
 According to Pence, Washington's sanctions focus on three state governments and members of Maduro's inner circle responsible for barring humanitarian aid into Venezuela over the weekend.
 The vice president urged the other nations of the Lima Group to take similar steps as those already adopted by the United States and freeze assets of the top leaders of the Chavez regime and the PDVSA oil company in their countries.
 Pence also conveyed a message from President Donald Trump to the Venezuelan military who support Maduro's regime: "You will be held accountable," he said.
 "A few days ago, as the world watched, the tyrant in Caracas danced, while his executioners burned trucks of food and medicine and murdered people," Pence said of the weekend clashes that left at least 3 dead and 900 wounded on the borders with Brazil and Colombia.
 "Socialism is dying and freedom and prosperity and democracy are reborn before our eyes. President [Donald Trump] asked me to convey a message, President Guaidó: We are with you. And we will be until freedom and democracy return, "he said. "Maduro is a usurper who has no legitimate right to power and should leave. The struggle in Venezuela is between dictatorship and democracy, "he added.

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