A Colombian woman identified as Jessy Paola Moreno committed suicide and took her 10-year-old son along with her, after falling off a bridge.
 According to the Colombian newspaper, Jessy was shocked when she became unemployed and could not pay the rent of the house that she lived in, being dumped along with her son.
 This happened at the bridge La Variante, in the community of Ibagué, Colombia. Firefighter Rafel Rico told the press that: "They begged her not to do this and tried to persuade her to stop, but unfortunately she made the fatal decision," he said.
 The mayor of the city of Ibague, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo, told the press that: "The incident has a lot to do with the terrible situation we are facing in Ibagué and throughout Colombia."
 Shared images on social networks show the exact moment when the woman jumps off the bridge to the despair of the military and witnesses who were witnessing what happened. The tragedy shocked the Colombian population.

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