Najila Trindade Mendes de Souza, 26, gained worldwide fame last week by accusing Neymar Jr. of rape, allegedly on May 15. The player states that the relationship was consensual, and published a video on social networks exposing their intimate conversations seeking to prove their point. The messages do not make it clear whether the rape happened or not.
 On the eve of the incident report (May 30), the 6th Civil Court of Santo Amaro condemned it to pay a debt of R $ 26,712.00, a contractual fine equivalent to three months of rent and the payment of procedural costs. Najila also received an eviction order. The action was promoted by Marcus Vinicius Picconi and Verena Regina Fiori. Neymar and Najila were probably already talking when she was sentenced.
 In addition to real estate debt, Najila currently accounts for a debt of R $ 4160.77 with the Pan American School of Arts. The lawsuit has still been in progress for at least a month before the player is reported.
 Najila was sentenced in absentia in the lawsuit that resulted in his eviction, and there are no other suits in his name besides these two.

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