The US Supreme Court on Friday allowed the Trump government to spend $ 2.5 million on building a wall on the Mexican border, the news agency said. Reuters The money had been approved by the US Congress for the Pentagon.
 The conservative majority court overturned the decision of a federal judge in California that prevented Trump from spending the money. The justification for the impediment was that the US Congress had not specifically allowed the money to be spent on the wall.
 "Wow! Great victory on the wall. The Supreme Court overturns the injunction of a lower court, allows the southern border wall to continue. Great victory for border security and the rule of law!" minutes after the decision is announced.
 A brief explanation of the court ruling said the government had "sufficiently demonstrated" that the groups contesting the ruling had no reason to file a lawsuit.
 Trump had appealed the decision to block the use of funds in June.
 The president claims that building the wall along the US-Mexico border is necessary to prevent illegal immigrants and drugs from entering.
 By February, Congress had approved $ 1.375 billion for the construction of the wall - far from Trump's $ 5.7 billion. The impasse led to a 35-day standstill of the US federal government.
 The government then declared a national emergency to redirect about $ 6.7 billion ($ 25.3 billion) in funds that Congress had earmarked for other purposes to build the wall. That amount included the $ 2.5 billion decision this Friday (26), Reuters says.
 In addition to the $ 1.375 billion earmarked by Congress, the $ 6.7 billion redirected budget would be used to construct approximately 376 kilometers of wall, Deutsche Welle says.
 Use of the $ 6.7 billion was also suspended in May by a federal court ruling.

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