For the first time since leaving the Bahamas, where it left a trail of destruction and 30 dead, the eye of Hurricane Dorian touched Friday on US soil at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. However, the encounter between storm and earth occurred less intensely, as the hurricane has weakened again and is now classified as Category 1, with winds up to 150 km / h.
 In a special bulletin released this morning, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) reported that Dorian touched the ground in northeastern Cape while traveling at 22 km / h.
The North Carolina Department of Transportation said Hatteras streets were completely flooded. North Carolina will continue to suffer the effects of the hurricane for the next few hours. In Virginia, a neighboring northern state, conditions are tropical storm, according to the agency.
 In a previous newsletter, the NHC reported that downtown Dorian would pass near or over North Carolina in a northwest direction and at night would reach south of the New England region on the east coast of the country.
 Today, Dorian's hurricane-force winds can be felt 75 kilometers away, while tropical storm-force winds can reach 350 kilometers. Dorian's passage can cause rainfall, rising sea levels, floods, hangovers, windstorms and some tornadoes.

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