Uber announced on Thursday (3) the start of operations of Uber Copter, helicopter application transport service. Launched in June and being tested in the United States about two months ago, the new mode starts with a tight offer: for now, there is only one route available between a midtown Manhattan heliport and New York's JFK Airport. The trip takes about eight minutes.
  Races may be requested from next Monday (7), priced from $ 200 to $ 225 per person, equivalent to $ 818 to $ 920 on the day's exchange rate including ground transportation. For now, the news works only on iPhone (iOS), but should be released soon on Android. There is no forecast of arrival in Brazil yet.
 The helicopters carry Uber branding but are operated by partner HeliFlite Shares. Before boarding, passengers check in quickly at the heliport, where they must follow the travel safety instructions, which are similar to those of airplanes. Helicopter racing can be shared with up to four people and it is possible to carry only one small bag, which should be in the same standards as the carry-on baggage accepted by most airlines.
 One of the attractions of Uber Copter against rivals is the ease of use, with all the procedure done by the application. When booking a helicopter trip, the user automatically schedules a UberX or Uber Black to reach the heliport where the service operates in Manhattan. There, the helicopter can be identified by the number printed on the tail. A second car is waiting at the arrival airport to take the passenger to their destination.
 According to tests conducted by the specialized portal CNET, Uber Copter is offered by the application automatically, as the user requests a race for a route compatible with the service. The entire trip, including vehicle changes, is accompanied by the app as a single race.
 Uber has not yet announced plans to expand the service to Brazil. In 2016, the service was tested in the country for a month. For now, one alternative is a similar Cabify service in partnership with Voom. It is possible to fly, in the city of São Paulo, between 7h30 and 20h on weekdays, or from 10h to 15h on weekends. The solution promises values ​​up to 80% cheaper compared to traditional air taxi services.

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