The North Korean dictatorship executed Kim Hyok-chol, his special envoy to the United States, as well as other diplomats who participated in negotiations with the Americans at the second summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.
 Held in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, the second meeting between the leaders was not as positive as the initial meeting. The conversation between Trump and Kim did not produce practical results.
According to an anonymous source of the North Korean regime, diplomat Kim Hyok-chol was investigated and then executed in the capital Pyongyang, along with four other high-ranking members in March.
 They were accused of spying on the dictatorship at the behest of the United States. It is believed, however, that the North Korean dictator is conducting a massive purge to divert public attention from domestic problems.
 The North Korean state newspaper Rodong Sinmun said on Thursday (30) that "acting as if one was revering the leader in front of others but dreaming of something else when turning away is anti-party and anti- revolutionary ", informs Folha.

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