The world looks closely at developments in the latest chapter in tension between the United States and Iran. On Friday morning, 21, news surfaced that US President Donald Trump had authorized an attack on the country, which would be held at dawn, but receded minutes before the action began.
 In a series of tweets, the Republican revealed the reason behind this retreat: the deaths that could happen as a result of the mission. Trump said he had asked a general of the military how many fatalities the attack could leave and that there would be 150, according to the officer. "Ten minutes before the attack, I ordered it to be stopped, not an action commensurate with the killing of an unmanned drone," the US president wrote, "I'm not in a hurry."
Army was ready to act
 The US military even prepared an attack on Iran late on Thursday, in retaliation for the overthrow of an American surveillance drone by the Persian country, but President Donald Trump abruptly backtracked and disavowed the operation.
 The information was revealed by The New York Times. According to the vehicle, after a day of intense strategic discussions with security advisers and congressional leaders, the expectation among military and diplomatic officials was that the attack was in fact occurring.
 The military action was in its early stages when it was canceled on Trump's order. According to reports by US officials heard by the newspaper, military aircraft and ships were already positioned to attack a series of targets, such as Iranian radars, but no missiles were ever fired.
US officials have commented on the retaliatory press plan on condition of anonymity. The White House declined requests for clarification on the case. Despite the retreat, US officials say a future military action against Iran is not entirely ruled out.
Tension between US and Iran
 Tensions between the United States and Iran have risen sharply in recent days, after weeks of growing animosity between countries.
 The situation worsened at dawn on Thursday, with the American drone abating the Iranian air force in the Strait of Hormuz region.
 Commenting on the case, Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that Iran had made "a big mistake" and told reporters that the Persian country would "find out soon" whether the US planned a military action in retaliation for the overthrow of the drone.
 With escalating tensions, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Friday banned commercial aircraft from flying over parts of the Gulf and Gulf of Oman.
 There are "intense military activities and growing political tensions in the region that pose an unnoticed risk to US civil aviation operations for potential misstatements or aircraft

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