A summer storm was responsible for a scene that shocked residents and authorities in Montana, in the United States: in the northern part of the state, thousands of dead birds were found to be injured by hail. More than 11,000 birds such as ducks, pelicans, geese, seagulls and cormorants were killed during a torrential rain that took place last Sunday, August 11 (in the Northern Hemisphere). , the current weather season is summer).
 Throughout the week, biologists found the extent of the damage by collecting a large number of dead animals. They said they found the birds with broken skulls and wings, as well as internal injuries and different body abrasions. At least 40% of the pelicans had damage that could impede their movement. According to experts, a large number of birds have been attracted to the environmental preservation region known as Big Lake Wildlife Management because of an abundant rainy season.
 Although it is not unheard of the fact that hail storms can kill birds, those responsible for collecting the bodies say they do not remember an event with such drastic consequences: over the past week, the region has been affected by storms that they caused winds of 112 km / h.
 With a large number of decaying carcasses, local authorities are concerned that this could spread disease and further affect the population of birds passing through the region. Watch a video showing where the storm occurred:

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