The decision of a US appeals court on Friday was a defeat for President Donald Trump's government in its proposal to try to block almost all asylum applications on the country's border with Mexico, but it failed to make your decision a nationwide measure.
 In the ruling, which contradicts Trump's tough line against immigration, the 9th Court of Appeals stated that the ruling applies only to the 9 western states of the 9th Circuit. Only two of them, California and Arizona, are on the southern border with Mexico.
 This left open the possibility that the impediment, which requires most asylum seekers to seek it first in another country, could be applied in the states of Texas and New Mexico, which also border Mexico.
 The court ruling came on the same day that California and other states, as well as a coalition of immigrant advocacy groups, filed lawsuits to prevent another Trump initiative to curb immigration, to deny visas to immigrants who cannot prove a minimum income level.
 The flood of legal activity attempts to halt major political measures by the Trump administration that seek to reprimand immigration, a central issue on the Republican president's political platform.
 One of Trump's main goals has been to reduce the number of asylum applications from immigrants, most of them Central Americans, who crossed the US-Mexico border in record numbers during his rule.

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