The US Navy is ready to "do whatever it takes" in Venezuela, US Southern Command Chief Admiral Craig Faller said on Monday, weeks after President Donald Trump declared he was analyzing a naval blockade. to the country.
 In Rio de Janeiro for the start of UNITAS maneuvers - involving nine countries in Latin America, the United States, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Japan - Faller said he will not “detail what we are planning or doing, but remain ready to implement political decisions. and act ”.
 “The United States Navy is the most powerful in the world. If the political decision for mobilization is adopted, I am convinced that we are ready to do what is necessary. ”
 Earlier this month, Trump said he was considering a "blockade or quarantine" against Venezuela, amid a series of sanctions against President Nicolás Maduro's regime.
 Faller said sanctions against the Maduro government were taking effect and that the Venezuelan leader had been isolated.
 "The focus of the United States government remains on putting pressure on an illegitimate regime to ensure that there is a transition to a democratic and legitimate government."
 "Part of this focus is to ensure that humanitarian aid can reach those in need."

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