Hurricane Dorian, which hit the islands in the Bahamas today, gained intensity and moved into Category 5, the most destructive on the Saffir-Simpson scale, according to the United States National Hurricane Center (NHC).
 The winds have reached more than 250 km / h. It is the strongest storm to hit the northwest of the Bahamas, expecting it to stay on the islands for up to two days, causing torrential rain, high waves and destructive winds.
 On Saturday, he changed course and threatened the entire southeastern coast of the United States, especially the states of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. It is predicted that after the Bahamas, the phenomenon will pass along the Florida coast between Monday night and Tuesday morning. As the hurricane slowly advances through a region of warm water, slow speed can increase its devastating effects.
 Another concern is that Dorian will hit a very populous area where millions of people live. Also likely to be on the way to the hurricane is the city of Orlando, considered the world's theme park capital, and the private club that US President Donald Trump has in Palm Beach.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also warned people on Friday to prepare for a "multi-day event."
 "We are predicting a large number of floods," said DeSantis. "We ask all Florida residents to store food, medicine and water for the next seven days.
The Florida National Guard said 2,000 service members were mobilized to the site.
US President Donald Trump warned on Sunday that the storm would likely affect the east coast of Florida to North Carolina.
"It looks like one of the biggest hurricanes of all time," he wrote on Twitter.

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