The Japanese government has asked the United States for concrete evidence to support its finding that Iran is behind the recent attack on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, on which responsibility Tokyo has avoided pronouncing so far.
 Hours after the attack last Thursday (13), US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Iran of not offering evidence and subsequently his Department published a video in which an Iranian troop boat allegedly appeared to be taking an unexploded mine from the hull of the Japanese tanker Kokuka Courageous.
 Japan is still unconvinced and believes that US explanations have not helped to "get past speculation," government sources said in information released Sunday by the Kyodo news agency.
 Pompeo said that the US assessment is based on "intelligence reports, weapons used, the level of knowledge needed to carry out the operation, similar attacks on Iran's ships recently and the fact that no rebel group in the region has the resources to act with such a level of sophistication, "arguments that did not convince Tokyo.
 The accusation was repeated by Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia this weekend. In an interview, bin Salman said that "the Iranian regime does not respect the presence of the prime minister of Japan as a guest in Tehran, and has responded to his diplomatic efforts by attacking two tankers, one of them Japanese."
'These are not definitive proofs'
 If having the required level of experience is considered a weighty argument to determine that it was Iran, the suspicion "would also apply to the US and Israel," a source at the Japanese Foreign Ministry said.
 "This is not definitive proof that it is about Iran," a source close to the Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, told the agency.
 Japan says it is taking the investigation into the attack very seriously, when Abe was meeting with Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei in Tehran.
 "The attacks seriously affected the prime minister's reputation because he was trying to be a mediator between the US and Iran," said the same source, who called the matter a "serious concern" for Tokyo, in which "making mistakes in determining the facts is inadmissible. "

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