The US government announced, on Monday (12), stricter criteria for granting temporary visas and permanent residence permits in the United States. It is one of the most drastic anti-immigration policies since the beginning of Donald Trump's tenure.
 The green card is the card that gives the green light to live permanently in the United States. Beginning October 15, agents will reject residence and citizenship applications from those who need some government assistance to live. Who, for example, receives help to buy food in the supermarket or who receives housing assistance, or who needed government assistance to pay for health care. In the United States there is no public hospital system.
 The government will also evaluate the applicant's income and education level. The rules also affect temporary visa applications.
 The director of Immigration and Citizenship Services said on Monday (12) that the new measure is to ensure that immigrants are able to stay here on their own and become successful.
 In 2016, before Trump assumed the presidency, the US government awarded about 800,000 green cards. More than 20 million people have tried. The most common way to get one is through relatives who live in the United States who already have the green card or are citizens.
 The government must deny more than half of these requests under the new rules.
 Analysts argue that legal immigrants pay taxes and are entitled to such aids. But for fear of not getting permanent residence, they may forgo access to these benefits. The government says it does not want to target any specific groups with the measures, but they directly affect the poorest who come from Mexico, Central America and Africa.

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